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# seapl118 Be-12 Mail Beriev factory model

Over 12 inches wing span original Beriev Design Bureau hand made presentation model of famous Be-12 sea plane custom produced from resin-cement heavy composite with superior finish.As all Beriev models displayed on metal steel stand.Painted in Naval Air Force colours. Be-12 (M-12) versatile turboprop amphibian designed from 1955 to meet Navy Air Forces requirements for Be-6 replacement for ocean/coastal patrol and reconnaissance, anti-ship, ASW, photo survey, Arctic support, submarine and surface warship cooperation, transport, search/rescue and electronic warfare. First flight in 1960.Displayed publicly in 1961 and large number of 200 planes delivered from 1964.Serving in all fleet commands, number in active inventory in early 80-s being about 75. Be-12 holds all 21 FAI turboprop amphibian and all 19 turboprop flying-boat class records.Unofficially aircraft always called CHAIKA (seagull). New versions of Be-12 started in 90-s including Be-12P firebomber, Be-121 for scientific research, Be-12NKh for passenger/cargo transport, Be-12EKO for ecological reconnaissance, Be-14 for maritime rescue. Price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* + s/h.
 # seapl118            Be-12 Mail Beriev factory model 1
 # seapl118            Be-12 Mail Beriev factory model 2
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