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# yp140 Yak-17 Feather

10 inches wing span model of Yak-17 fighter on metal stand with engraved logo Yak on base. Few words on this aircraft of Yakovlev.The prototype Yak-17 was flown in mid-1947.Air Force testing passed without difficulty and production of plane was ordered at Tbilisi.Most series aircraft having a periscope above the windscreen.Single examples were presented to Czechoslovakia (designation S-100) and Poland.The USAF called Yak-17 the `type 16`, which was replaced by the ASCC name Feather. The same as Yak-15, because without tip tanks the two looked similar in flight.
 # yp140            Yak-17 Feather 1
 # yp140            Yak-17 Feather 2
 # yp140            Yak-17 Feather 3

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