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# sp300 T-4M Sukhoi X-bomber project

12.5 ` lenght resin hand made model of Sukhoi Design Bureau T-4M project of strategic bomber presented by Sukhoi team in 1968.Pavel Sukhoi`s design team took part in the first stage of the competition with T-4M and T-4MS projects (same as Myasishchev design bureau team with M-20 project).Sukhoi`s designers simply replaced the delta-shaped wing of T-4 supersonic bomber with a variable geometry wing. The lenght of T-4M was 164 ft (50m) and wing span 73 ft (22.5 m) at 72 degree fully swept.Take off weight 288.724 lb (131000kg) with maximum 149000kg.And armament weight from 4000 kg for a single Kh-45 missile up to 18000kg with bombs.Maximum speed 3200 km/h.Designed supersonic range was 3780 nm(7000 km).Altitude 10000 km. Successive corrections were introduced to T-4M project until late 1969, but eventualy Sukhoi renounced it for the sake of the next version T-4MS (`product 200`), wich had nothing in common with the original T-4.(see this model listed next). *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # sp300            T-4M Sukhoi X-bomber project 1
 # sp300            T-4M Sukhoi X-bomber project 2
 # sp300            T-4M Sukhoi X-bomber project 3
 # sp300            T-4M Sukhoi X-bomber project 4

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