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# sp202 S-37 BERKUT Sukhoi model

13.5` lenght heavy resin and metal custom hand made by Sukhoi Design Bureau (Moscow-Russia)presentation model of world`s first combat aircraft S-37 `Berkut` to successfully exploit forward-swept wing technology. This exclusive can be displayed on own wheels or on chrome stand with engraved `CY` logo of Sukhoi Design Bureau.Extremely detailed fuselage and pilot cabine.Images provide detailed info on this beauty.Second image is taken from the article in Air & Space Smithsonian magazine. January 2003 issue on pages 16-17 in chapter `In The Museum` has detailed description of my business and models wich are on display in National Air & Space Museum. Few words about this Fifth generation Sukhoi fighter.A bold, new combat aircraft designed be the legendary Sukhoi Design Bureau and now undergoing tests in Russia has taken aim at America`s next generation fighter, The F-22.The Russian challenge comes in the form of the single-seat Sukhoi S-37. First word of the S-37 leaked to the West in 1997, and took Western deffense analyst by surprise.Now, after several hundreds test flights at the secret Zhukovskiy Flight Test Center near Moscow, it is clear that there is nothing like this bird flying anywhere in the world today. Price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*. Please check availability prior ordering.
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