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# mp097 Mig-29K Korabelniy (ship based)

14 inches lenght resin-metal outstanding details and quality model of Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier based Mig-29K.Detailed fuselage and wings includes special graphics (MIG logo and Andreyevskiy Russian Navy flag on tail), precisious custom made folding wings as original aircraft has, rubber wheels on metal landing gears, simulated Burned metal engines, extremely detailed pilot cabine, custom hand made missiles.All this took several weeks of hand work to make this exclusive.Model can be displayed on own wheels or on heavy chrome stand with engraved MIG logo on base.Availability and price check by e-mail or call. Work on original Mig-29K began in 1983.Air Forces and Navy wished competitor for Su-27K and India and China export prospects. First plane flown by MIR cosmonaut and Test Pilot Takhtar Aubakirov 23 June, 1988 (first of two prototypes).He also made first 20 of 66 flights from Admiral Kuznetsov (then Tbilisi), running up to full afterburner against ship`s restrainers and then taking off in 100 m over ski jump. First two Mig-29K later in 1992 exhibited Minsk carrier.Carrier trials completed in 1993. More details on Mig-29K you can find in several books and websites.
 # mp097            Mig-29K Korabelniy (ship based) 1
 # mp097            Mig-29K Korabelniy (ship based) 2
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