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# ww105 Lavochkin LA-7 fighter

LA-7 fighter model has 10 inches wing span.Hand made from resin with metal details.On the fuselage can be noticed inscription `Maliy Theatre to front`.This aircraft was build with help of actors from Maliy Theatre and as several other aiplanes wich went to combat right from the factory on fuselage was indicated who took a part in building of the plane. A plane is from large family of Semyon Lavochkin design bureau- one of the leaders of Soviet fighter plane produsers. Price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # ww105            Lavochkin LA-7 fighter 1
 # ww105            Lavochkin LA-7 fighter 2
 # ww105            Lavochkin LA-7 fighter 3

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