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# aero099 L-159 aircraft

Almost 13 inches lenght (325 mm) exclusive hand made model of L-159B Aero Vodochody feauturing detailed cockpit, metal landing gears with rubber wheels, custom hand made graphic etc.Pictures tell for this plane with no additional comments needed.


L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft)

Another development of the successful L-39 series is the L-159 ALCA. On the basis of the L-39, Aero developed the L-139 trainer with Allied Signal TFE731 engine and digital avionics as well as the L-59 with the DV-2 powerplant. The L-139 Albatross 2000, which first flew on May 10, 1993, was a straight forward development customized with a Allied Signal (Garret) 4,080 lb thrust, TFE-731-4-1T engine and US avionics to meet the basic and advance training requirement for the US Air Force/Navy, Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS). However, it failed to be nominated, so the project was terminated.

The latest extrapolation is the L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) for the Czech air force, which flew in August 1997. The L-159 is designed to carry a number of Western weapons systems, including the AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile , Maverick air-to ground missile and laser-guided bombs. AERO Vodochody will deliver 72 L-159 light attack aircraft to the Czech Air Force by the year 2002. At the same time the company will continue its effort to secure the aircraft’s export on the global market. The L159 advanced subsonic jet trainer and light attack fighter is currently in full production at Aero Vodochody’s facility in the outskirts of Prague.

In May 1998 Boeing Ceská s.r.o. agreed to purchase 35.2% of the Aero Vodochody’s share capital for CZK 950 million (approximately U.S.$32 million). Around 200 subcontractors from all over the Czech Republic are taking part in the L 159 project headed by Aero Vodochody. The largest number of companies (58) is based in Prague. 26 companies are from Northern Moravia, 14 companies from Northern Bohemia, and 10 companies from Southern and Western Bohemia. 28 companies are based in Central Bohemia, Eastern Bohemia and Southern Moravia.

In April 2002, on behalf of and support to AERO Vodochody's pursuit of overseas markets, the Boeing Company, minority shareholder of Aero, successfully obtained an export authorization in the form of a data marketing license for the L-159 aircraft to India under US export licensing regulations for marketing and sales of military equipment. The license allowed Aero to provide sufficient technical data to the Ministry of Defense of India to make a decision to purchase L-159 aircraft. Furthermore it allowed for in-country (in-India) flight demonstrations of that aircraft. This follows a decision by the US Government to ease the sanctions for military sales to that country.

A total of 19 L159 Alca aircraft have been delivered to the Czech Air Force Base Namest nad Oslavou in May 2002. Czech pilots receive fully functional aircraft that are comparable with NATO standards and their training can begin immediately. The first test flight of the new L159 B, advanced jet training aircraft from AERO Vodochody took place on Saturday, 1 June 2002.

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