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# antp095 An-32P Firekiller

1/150 scale original resin model from Antonov Design Bureau (metal props and metal stand with Antonov logo engraved).Famous An-32P forest fire-fighting aircraft, which was designed on base of production An-12. Plane has two external water/retardant tanks for total 8 tones (17,635 lb) and provides for the following: -stopping forest fires by way of dumping fire retardant chemicals from two external delivery units -delivery and pinpoint dropping of up to 30 smoke-jumpers, special equipment, operational items, and cargoes to the forest fire sites, transport operations.Aircraft able to operate from/into unpaved airfields, self-sufficient operations. Model has complicate hand graphic exactly as original aircraft. Availability and price check by e-mail or call.
 # antp095            An-32P Firekiller 1
 # antp095            An-32P Firekiller 2
 # antp095            An-32P Firekiller 3
 # antp095            An-32P Firekiller 4
 # antp095            An-32P Firekiller 5

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