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# antp098 An-2 in classic Aeroflot colours

1/150 scale(7 inches wing span)esin custom made models from Antonov Design Bureau made for presentations during 50 years anniversary of An-2 first flight 1946-1996.Such models presented during anniversary celebration ceremonies to engineers, designers, test-pilots of OKB Antonov.Originally models displayed on own wheels.Stand with Aeroflot (Soviet airlines) or Antonov design bureau logo engraved- optional. Models were issued in different variants from Classic Aeroflot (white/blue) and Arctic Polar (red/white) colors to Air Force, Ambulance etc.(you may get one of variants by request). I would take a moment for few lines on this famaous plane. An-2 was a first plane from large family of aircraft designed by Oleg Antonov right after WWII.The An-2 might appear to be a relic, but it is actually a post-WWII design that is still in production and in service around the world from Equator to North Pole. If ever an airplane was born struggling for survival, it was a world`s largest biplane AN-2.Even in mid 40-s this tail-dragging, single-engine biplane was an anachronism in a world of increasingly sleek, tricycle-gear monoplanes.Survive it did, however, to become the biggest selling, longest-lived transport in the world.production started in Soviet Union in 40-s, but the 14-seat mini-airliner continued in production in Poland as the PZL Mielec AN-2 Antek.Production continues today in China, where the AN-2 became the SAMC Y-5B, an agriculture model. More than 50 000 of these aeronautical oddities have been built, and they`ve been used for just about everything.Military and commercial passenger transports, cargo hauling, marine biology research, paratrooper operations, agriculture, ambulance, Polar transport, air show attractions-AN-2 has done it all on land, on water and on ice. In recent years several of AN-2 have even come to the United States and Western Europe owned by private pilots enthusiasts, who love these outstanding flying machines of course. Price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*.
 # antp098            An-2 in classic Aeroflot colours 1
 # antp098            An-2 in classic Aeroflot colours 2
 # antp098            An-2 in classic Aeroflot colours 3
 # antp098            An-2 in classic Aeroflot colours 4
 # antp098            An-2 in classic Aeroflot colours 5

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