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# myp095 M-17 Mystic

16 inches wing span model of Myasishchev recon high altitude aircaft M-17 Mystic.
The Myasishchev M-17 `Mystic` (Ram-M) high-altitude aircraft is the Soviet equivalent of the U-2. This twin-boomed aircraft with a high aspect ratio wing was initially developed to shoot down US reconnaissance balloons drifting over the USSR in the mid-1950s. Subsequently it was modified as single-seat reconnaissance and research aircraft. The first two prototypes (Mystic-A) had a single turbojet engine single 68.6kN ( 15,430 lb) thrust Rybinsk RD-36-51V turbojet developed from the Tu-144 SST powerplant , and were used for aerodynamic and atmospheric research.
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 # myp095            M-17 Mystic 1
 # myp095            M-17 Mystic 2
 # myp095            M-17 Mystic 3
 # myp095            M-17 Mystic 4

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