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# ip082 IL-14 museum model in scale 1/50

Exclusive one of a kind custom hand made Ilyushin-14 is a large (1/50 scale)heavy resin model 25 inches wing span, featuring hundreds of details and metal parts (incl.props, landing gears w/rubber wheels and many other metal made details).Original plane is a result of over 6 months work of two modellers from Ilyushin Design Bureau model department.
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From history of this historic aircraft:The Il-14 is an improved development of the basic Il-12 design. The major improvement Ilyushin introduced was a new wing design featuring a more efficient aerofoil section, plus more powerful Shvetsov engines and a general clean up of the airframe.
Given the NATO reporting name `Crate`, the Il-14 is believed to have entered service in 1954 or 1955. Initial service models were designated Il-14P (Passazhirskii or passenger) and they were reconfigured to seat 18. Approximately two years after entry into service most Il-14Ps were configured to seat 24 passengers in a higher density configuration. By 1956 a slightly stretched development, the Il-14M (Modifitsirovanny/modified), had appeared. Initially the Il-14M was configured to seat 24, but this was later changed to 36. Very few modifications were made to the Il-14 during its production run, although many freighter Il-14Ts (Transportny/transport) were built, while many airliner Il-14s were later converted to freighters.
While most Il-14s were built in Russia, at Khodinka and Tashkent, Il-14s were also built under licence in the former Eastern Germany by VEB Flugzeugwerke and the former Czechoslovakia by Avia, 80 VEB Il-14Ps and 203 Avia 14s were built.
Today few Il-14s remain in service, most are used for general freight and charter work.
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