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# ip084 A-50 AVAKS Beriev-Ilyushin

11 inches wing span hand made model of Beriev factory built A-50 AVAKS (ILyushin-76 based).Model displayed on metal stand with engraved Ilyushin logo.Please check availability prior ordering.
The A-50 Aircraft is intended to detect and identify aerial objects and sea targets, determine aerial targets coordinates and flight path data, transfer information to the Command Posts, guide fighter-interceptors to aerial objects, lead out tactical aircraft to combat areas to attack ground targets. The A-50 Aircraft has been developed on the basis of the IL-76MD Military-Transport Aircraft. The high flight performance of the A-50 Aircraft is ensured by aerodynamic configuration of the basic model. The aircraft is fitted with the PNK-T Flight Control and Navigation System providing air navigation at all flight phases, in any weather and season, in all geographical zones, by day and night. The system also provides flight control and navigation data required for operation of special systems.`
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 # ip084            A-50 AVAKS Beriev-Ilyushin 2
 # ip084            A-50 AVAKS Beriev-Ilyushin 3
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