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# ip087 Il-96-300 Ilyushin factory 1/100 model

23 inches wing span 1/100 scale original model from Ilyushin Design Bureau was custom hand made for purpose of presentations to Aeroflot and Soviet Government officials on 28 September, 1988 when Il-96 performed first flight at Khodynka.Note that model has still Soviet Airlines Aeroflot markings and Red flag on tail.Model originally made to be displayed on metal landing gears.Plane is hand painted (there is no decals as used on souvenir level models).Please check availability and price by e-mail. Details on Il-96-300 wide body airliner:Wide body long range airliner IL-96-300 is intended to carry up to 300 passengers to the distance up to 9000 km. The plane is powered by 4 high-by-pass ratio PS-90A turbofans providing 16 tons of the thrust each. High fuel efficiency of IL-96-300 is achieved thanks to its advanced aerodynamics and state-of-the-art engines. The airliner features new fly-by-wire flight control system and automatic engines control system. Modern flight deck designed for 3 crew members (captain, co-pilot and flight engineer) is equipped with digital avionics and 6 colour displays on cathode-ray tubes. The new integrated digital flight and navigation system ensures automatically controlled approach and landing under ICAO Category III A conditions. Extensive use of the composite materials in the airframe structure and in the cabin interior considerably increases the airplane payload. The lower deck accommodates three cargo holds, service compartments and galleys. The principle of on condition maintenance of all IL-96-300 systems and units contributes to the reduction of its operation cost. The airframe established service life equals to 60000 flying hours or 12,000 cycles. Special attention on the board of IL-96-300 is paid to passengers comfort ensured by most modern interiors, adequate sound insulator, highly efficient air conditioning and pressurization system. IL-96-300 is batch produced by Voronezh Aviation Production Complex. 29 December 1992 IL-96-300 has received national type certificate of the Aviation Register.
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