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# ip091 Il-4/DB-3 torpedo-bomber

17 inches wing span hand made resin (with metal) detailed model of Ilyushin`s DB-3/IL-4 twin-engined medium torpedo-bomber of Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (W W II). *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*. The Il-4 was extremely sturdy and reliable.Combat Aircraft of World War II calls it the best medium bomber of W W II.It served as the standart long-range bomber, paratrooper carrier, glider tug and torpedo-bomber.Aircraft was in production in 1940-1944.Some war time series had wooden outer wing section and front of fuselage.More powerful engines were fitted, productions series differed by fuel tanks volume, defence armament.Gunner position got armoring (6-9 mm thick tiles) following combat experience, when gunner was a first target of the attacking fighters. During the War extra 1000 kg bombs outside became a regular practices. Total production of DB-3 was approx 6800 (that of the IL-4 alone 5256).
 # ip091            Il-4/DB-3 torpedo-bomber 1
 # ip091            Il-4/DB-3 torpedo-bomber 2
 # ip091            Il-4/DB-3 torpedo-bomber 3
 # ip091            Il-4/DB-3 torpedo-bomber 4
 # ip091            Il-4/DB-3 torpedo-bomber 5

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