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# tp501 Tu-98 Backfin.

12 inches lenght model of rare type Tupolev bomber Tu-98. Only one aircraft like this was actually built and flown early 1956 by test pilot V.Kovalyov, who completed OKB Tupolev testing same year.Aircraft shown to American delegation at Kubinka Air Force base outside Moscow in June 1956.Plane often misidentified as Il-140 and even Yak-42. ASCC name BACKFIN. Model can be displayed on own wheels or by request on stand with engraved logo of Tupolev Design Bureau. Price of model-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* + s/h. Please check availability prior ordering.
 # tp501            Tu-98 Backfin. 1
 # tp501            Tu-98 Backfin. 2
 # tp501            Tu-98 Backfin. 3
 # tp501            Tu-98 Backfin. 4

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