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# zhopa025a Yak-42 Aeroflot

Yak-42 Aeroflot exclusive one of a kind scale 1/200 model.


In terms of external configuration Yak-42 is a monoplane with a cantilevered low-mounted arrowhead wing and an arrow-type tail group.

passenger aircraft was designed for middle range airlines. The development of Yak-42 was started at Yakovlev Design Bureau in late 1972 to meet Aerofot's replacement needs in the middle range aircraft category. This aircraft was to replace Il-18 and Tu-134. Yak-42 made its first trial flight on March 7, 1975. Aeroflot put Yak-42s into service in 1980, and since 1981 this airplanes began their flights on international routes.
Yak-42 was the first Russian aircraft that have undergone the complete international certification and was allowed to fly without any restriction in all European countries. The aircrafts of this type are used in over 130 countries of the world. Yak-42 is successfully operated now on the most international airlines even after ICAO introduced tighter noise restrictions and revised engine emission standards. During the last decade, according to FAI data, Yak-42 had the best flight safety ratings.
Early in 1988 Saratov Aircraft Manufacturing Company started the production of improved Yak-42D modification with higher takeoff weight and greater flying range.
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