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# zhopa092 BTS-002 Buran shuttle test bed

1/200 scale 8 inches exclusive custom hand made Molniya space corporation (original producer) resin detailed model of BTS-002 Buran test bed. Model features glass cabine, heavy stand in combination of Globe with metal Hammer & Sickle, very detailed fuselage, wings and engines part. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* + s/h.Please check availability prior ordering.Details on BTS-002 Buran Test plane are below: Buran BTS-002- one of total 8 Buran vehicles produced and was tested between 1985-1988 by three teams of two pilots made 24 flights.One of the pilots flown Buran was famous pilot Igor Volk (he also flown on orbit Soyuz T-12 ship to Salyut-7 station)-11th person to be awarded the Revoredo Throphy for outstanding contributions to aviation. BTS-002 shuttle was outfitted with four 18,000 pound-thrust Lyuika jet engines.First landings were manual.Then, over successive flights, Igor Volk gradualy relinquished control to the auto-land software, until the last two landings were accomplished by computer alone. As a result of these tests original orbital shuttle Buran was launched by world`s powerful rocket carrier Energia on november 15, 1988.It returned from its two orbits and landed like a conventional airplane, controlled entirely by computers. Two interesting pictures I took during Moscow International Airshow in Zhukovskiy.One of the pictures depicts actual BTS-002 from the back on the field.And second photo, wich I did near Molniya corporation representation desk, depicts on the left General Designer of BTS-002 and Buran orbiter G.E.Lozino-Lozinskiy, pilot-cosmonaut Igor Volk next to him on the right, and on the right from I.Volk General Director of Molniya corporation A.Bashilov.Other people behind them are engineers and scintists of Buran team, wich came with Lozino-Lozinskiy from the design bureau Zenit headed by A.Mikoyan and specialists of Raduga, Salyut, Energia and TSNIIMASH worked in development of Buran shuttle. Additional questions on background of this model and my other auctions please send by e-mail or call (818)999-1134 .
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