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# avmed100 Trans-Arctic flight 1937 silver medal-coin

60mm diameter quality polished silver 1995 Bank of Russia 25 roubles collector`s medal-coin commemorating Exploration of Russian Arctic and record flight of Valeriy Chkalov team over Arctic Ocean in 1937.Medal depicts Soviet scientific station `Northen Pole` and on the top part Tupolev`s ANT-25 aircraft and pilots Valeriy Chkalov, Georgi Baidukov and Alexander Belyakov, who flown from Moscow to island Udd in the Sea of Okhotsk.Most of this route lies ovber the Arctic Ocean.Three Soviet pilots covered an enormous distance in extremely difficult conditions and they did it on Tupolev aircraft-world`s record distance 9374 km in 56 hours and 20 minutes. Name of Valeriy Chkalov is very well known in the United States.Same year 1937 he flown another record flight on same ANT-25 aircraft non stop from Moscow to North Pole and to Vancouver. All world aviators of that time called Chkalov `Pilot of all pilots, a man born with wings on his back`. More interesting commemorative, award and presentation medals devoted to Valeriy Chkalov are listed below. Please check availability and price of this medal by e-mail or call.
 # avmed100            Trans-Arctic flight 1937 silver medal-coin 1
 # avmed100            Trans-Arctic flight 1937 silver medal-coin 2

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