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# avmed106 Award medal `Ace Pilot A.Pokryshkin`

Award medal of DOSAAF of Russia `First Three Times Hero Of Soviet Union Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin` issued for distinguished pilots awards.Here`s a short info on legendary Soviet pilot of Great Patriotic War: Alexander Pokryshkin was one of the greatest tacticians in the Soviet Fighter Air Arm. He approached air combat in a scientific manner, learning much from the memoirs of French WW 1 ace Ren?© Fonck, Mes Combats. Pokryshkin would eventually develop to the second most successful fighter pilot on the Allied side during WW 2. During the war Pokryshkin was 3 times awarded by Soviet Hero Title (Gold Star). He flew total of 550 sorties, participated in 139 air combats he scored officially 59 enemy planes. But in opinion of some historicans his killboard list should be enlarged by next 13 victories, scored in battles over Kuban. During free hunt over German territory he downed a row of enemy planes, but in that period Soviet Command confirmed only planes destroyed over own area. Available only one medal. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*. Please check availability first.
 # avmed106            Award medal `Ace Pilot A.Pokryshkin` 1
 # avmed106            Award medal `Ace Pilot A.Pokryshkin` 2

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