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# pstnew114 Development of Russian aerospace

35 x 24 Soviet Aeronautical Society issued large quality print glossy poster `Development of Aerospace in Russia/USSR` is a beautiful artwork depicted early stages of flight from Ikarus, first aircraft of 20 Century, famous War type planes and modern aviation.And continues to first Soviet manned balloon in startospehere and space flights.Along with world`s famous and world`s `first` aircraft of Soviet Union this poster depicts First space satellite Sputnik, First Moon rover Lunakhod-1, Space station ASTP, MIR and famous people of Russian-Soviet aerospace- fathers of aviation Zhukovskiy and Mozhaiskiy, father of space-Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy, Chief-designer Sergei Korolev and first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* Contact for price
 # pstnew114            Development of Russian aerospace 1
 # pstnew114            Development of Russian aerospace 2

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