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# dsk145 GIRD-10 rocket commemorative paperweight

5.5 x 3 x 3 inches one of a kind custom made presentation paperweight commemorating GIRD-10 Soviet experimental liquid fuel 1933 rocket (GIRD-X engraved on fuselage).Heavy plexiglass tall base has a metal container, which suppose to be used for ink.Futuristic looking GIRD-10 made from polished aluminum.This is not a model of GIRD-10, but symbolic commemorative paperweight souvenir.From collection of cosmonaut Georgi Grechko. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*. Few words on GIRD-10.Famous Sergei Korolev became interested in the possibilities of rocket-propelled aircraft and in September 1931, together with Tsander, founded the Moscow rocketry organisation GIRD (Group for Investigation of Reactive Motion). In Russia, GIRD was launching the Soviet Union??™s first liquid-propelled rockets, the GIRD-9 and GIRD-10. GIRD lasted only two years before the military, seeing the potential of rockets, replaced it with the RNII (Reaction Propulsion Scientific Research Institute). Gird-10 was the first Soviet rocket with the classical liquid type of propelant, consisting of alcohol and liquid oxygen. It was launched in November 26, 1933, and was designed and built by the Fridrih A. Tsander group of GIRD.
 # dsk145            GIRD-10 rocket commemorative paperweight 1
 # dsk145            GIRD-10 rocket commemorative paperweight 2

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