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# dsk121 Desk lamp `Space Heroes Monument`

Desk lamp was issued in 1965 two months after opening in Moscow november 4, 1964 famous monument `To Conquerors of space`, wich is one of the majestic monuments of the XX Century (authors-sculptor A.Faidysh-Krandievskiy, architect A.Kolchin, M.Barsch). From history of monument: The rocket rushed into the sky over the capital, leaving a silvery trail.The monument is 100 meters in height and 250 tons in weight.The history of monument creation dates back to October 4, 1957, when the First Earth satellite Sputnik was launched.In march, 1958, there was announced a contest for the best project of the obelisk in honour of onsef of a space age of humanity.Over 350 projects were offered for the contest and the work over the monument was commenced immediately after determination of the contest winner in march, 1960. Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the Chief Designer of the space rocket systems, paid great attention of this monument.Thus, at first the authors of the project selected the smoked glass for realization of their creative concept, however, by the proposal of S.P.Korolev, the final choice was made in favour of polished titanium.This metal used in rocket production is everlasting and resists ageing under all conditions.The mirror bright titanium panels of complex configuration with the thickness of 1.5 mm look like scales covering the load-carrying structure.The upper part of the obelisk is a unique engineering structure (the tilt angle is 77 degree).Under this monument was created Government Museum of Cosmonautics History. Height of lamp-18 cm.When plugged in, the lamp glows red.It is designed for European/Russian 220 v electric power lines.To allow it to work in The United States plug addaptor is necessary.And it will be some losts of bright in 110 v electric power. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*. Please check availability prior ordering.
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