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# sbp155 1966 set of commemorative pins

1966 issued for presentations to space officials set of heavy metal quality cloisonnee enameled badges commemorating important Soviet space flights in 50-60-s, including the following eight: -First Sputnik launched 4 october 1957 -First Soviet rocket launched 12 september 1959 and delivered pennant to the Moon -Luna-3 Soviet station launched 4 october, 1959 and photographed far side of the Moon -Mars-1 interplanet station launched 1 november, 1962 -First space walk of cosmonaut A.Leonov 18 march 1965 -Molniya-1 first communication satellite launched 23 april, 1965 -Venera-3 Interplanet Venus station launched 16 november, 1965 -Luna-9 station (first soft landing on the Moon and photographing of Moon) 31 january, 1966 -Luna-10 station became a first satellite of Moon 31 march, 1966 On reverse side of box description in Russian.These distinctive pieces are not average generics, but hard to find pins. Price check by e-mail.
 # sbp155            1966 set of commemorative pins 1

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