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# sbp130 Cosmonautics Veteran of Russia award badge

With this badge was awarded cosmonaut Vladimir Vasyutin for distinguisher service to cosmonautics.Badge presents Breast Sign to honorary Title `Cosmonautics Veteran of Russia`.Was instituted on december 9, 1996 and only 800 were minted at St.Petersburg Mint by order of Cosmonautics Federation for official awards.Material-tombac.Dimensions-29 x 42 mm. Observe. The first Earth`s artificular satellite, laurel and oak wreaths and two Russian national flags are reproduced in the upper part.In the center, a starry sky with tracer lines emphasaizing the satellite`s swift movement is depicted. The lower part carries an image of the Globe with a grade grid.The inscription `Cosmonautics Feteran of Russia` is made on a ribbon flying along the right, lower and left periphery. The sky is covered with dark blue enamel, the ribbon with red enamel and the flags are covered with white, dark blue and red enamels.The images and inscriptions are raised. On reverse side badge has the inscription `Cosmonautics Federation of Russia` and St.Petersburg Mint trademark. Original badge is genuine and owned by cosmonaut Vladimir Vasyutin .This is a special item, not a souvenir type badge. Check price by e-mail or call.
 # sbp130            Cosmonautics Veteran of Russia award badge 1
 # sbp130            Cosmonautics Veteran of Russia award badge 2

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