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# sbp300 Energi-Buran badges-pins

A group of 12 exclusive pins-badges commemorating Soviet space shuttle Buran.Most of these pins are limited issued for Molniya Space Corporation (producer of Buran), Cosmodrome Baikonur launch team and for representatives on International Aerospace exhibitions where Buran displayed (Vancouver-Canada and Le Bourget-France International aerospace salons 1989).One of large badges was issued for Paris airshow 1989 when world`s biggest transport plane An-225 had demonstration flights with Buran on the top.Badges issued for Cosmodrome Baikonur launch team depict a date of Buran flight 15 November, 1988.One of them issued for 35 years anniversary of cosmodrome and along with Buran depicts first satellite Sputnik.By request info for each badge-pin will be provided.Most of these pieces were never available to general public and not sold (serious collectors of badges will notice it from first look).Pictured Energia-Buran pins are only part of extensive collection of badges-pins issued after flight for Cosmodrome Baikonur, Space corporations Energia and Molniya (worked in program), representatives at International Air Shows with Buran and other organizations participated in program. You can request images of badges available in collection and can be sold individualy.
 # sbp300            Energi-Buran badges-pins 1

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