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# sbp109 Soviet Space Explorations 23 badges set

Issued in 1972 in former USSR set of 23 metal pentagonal shape lapel pins/badges `Soviet Space Explorations` to commemorate glorious accomplishments of Soviet Union and `worlds first in space`.On reverse side of each pin minted date of mission and set includes the following: Sputnik-1, Sputnik-2, Sputnik-3, Vostok, First EVA Voskhod-2, space ship Soyuz, Soyuz-4/5 docking, Cosmos-186/188 docking, Molniya communication satellite, Luna-3, Luna-9, Luna-10, Luna-16, Luna-17/Lunokhod, Zond-5/6 first circumlunar flight, Mars-1, Mars-2, Mars-3, Venera(Venus)-5, Kosmos satellite, Proton station and two pins depicting `Soviet Space Exploration` sign. Pins presented in this set devoted selected `World`s First` historic space missions such as First space flight of Sputnik, first space traveller Laika on Sputnikk-2, First scientific space laboratory Sputnik-3, First manned flight Vostok and First space walk Voskhod-2, first unmanned-automated docking Cosmos-186-188 and First manned docking with crew exchange via space walks Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5.First historic Mars and Venus (Venera) missions and of course big part of set takes Moon exploration achivements such as Luna-3 first photographing of Moon`s far side, Luna-9 First soft landing on the Moon surface, Luna-10 First artificular satellite of Moon, Luna-16 First Moon geologist- delivered Moon soil back to Earth via automated station, Luna-17 First Moon rover Lunakhod-1, Zond-5 and Zond-6 First circumlunar flights etc. Of course this set doesn`t present all `First` accomplishing by Soviet Union at the start of space exploration, but still represent important historic contributions and very interesting collectible subject. Pins are ready for display on the wall and attached to two large pennants commemorating World`s First artificular satellite Sputnik and Vostok pennant.Set can be purchased separately from pennants and framed as a set of pins or in combination with other subjects related to these historic flights (stamps, autographs, medals, postcards etc etc)- collector`s choice. This is one of my personal favorites and this is a pleasure to introduce this interesting item. Price of set without pennants-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.* and on pennants-*Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # sbp109            Soviet Space Explorations 23 badges set 1
 # sbp109            Soviet Space Explorations 23 badges set 2

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