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# spp087 Soyuz TMA-9

Simple design of Soyuz TMA-9 patch includes the following elements:the docking target on the ISS to which the Soyuz will align itself, element of symbol of 6th Faculty of MAI, which gratuated by Soyuz TMA-9 pilot-commander Mikhail Tyurin, three cosmic stars according three Soyuz flight Team members (M.Tyurin, M.Lopez-Alegria both ISS-14 crew and Daisuke Enomoto-flight participant from Japan).Soyuz TMA-9 emblem also includes Luna and Mars.

Reverse side of Soyuz commander's patch (with red border) autographed by Mikhail Tyurin.Original patches limited produced for Soyuz crew only.

 # spp087 Soyuz TMA-9 1
 # spp087 Soyuz TMA-9 2
 # spp087 Soyuz TMA-9 3
 # spp087 Soyuz TMA-9 4
 # spp087 Soyuz TMA-9 5

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