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# spp097a Soyuz TMA-6 crew patch

Diamond shape Soyuz TMA-6 patch made for Russia-USA-Italy team launching to the ISS in April, 2005 is a result of my joint work with Sergei Krikalev.Same as previous Soyuz TMA-5 patch this design was also Starbucks Coffee, Santa Monica-California.Sergei had final stage of preparation in Houston and one of last weekends spent on Pacific Coast in California.For Sergei new Soyuz flight would be Sixth space mission and we wanted a patch to be in Diamond shape, as Soviet/Russian Academies graduation badges.Same time we wanted design to be very simple and basic, without complicate ideas and symbols.It took around 15 minutes for couple basic drawings on coffe shop napkins and it was done. Patches limited made in two variants: wire hand made and roughly machine embroidered in Russia. First time this patch worn by Sergei on his training suit during last weeks of preparation to flight in Star City.Before leaving to Cosmodrome Baikonur Sergei sent a nice picture by e-mail `With Thanks for Design and Production`.
At Baikonur patch was worn by Sergei Krikalev and Roberto Vittori during inspections of Soyuz and final stages of preparation to mission. April 15, 2005 in day of launch all members of Soyuz TMA-6 team had this patch on their Sokol suits(additional pictures listed next).
Legendary Soviet/Russian cosmonaut made a history again.After accomplishing of this mission Sergei Krikalev will become a space traveler spent more time on orbit than any other people flown in Cosmos before.
This is a Copyright design which cannot be reproduced or displayed on any website or media product without authorization.
Availability of these patches will be announced in June, 2005.


Only Soyuz flight commanders along with crew members take decisions which design is going to be their flight emblem.Astronauts-guests on Soyuz vehicles bring their ideas and opinions, but do not play a key role in decision (same as Russian cosmonauts flown on Shuttle do not say which design of shuttle flight should be "official").
Designs of joint ISS Expeditions provided to NASA.But designs of Soyuz flights are not necessary provided to NASA in form of original flight emblems used.NASA doesn't take decisions or approvals which Soyuz emblems will be used.

By request of flight commander Sergei Krikalev design of original Soyuz TMA-6 patch was not announced before last day prior mission
Because of abscence of info on original patch to be used in mission, Mission Control Centers received only picture of one of proposed artwork design, which was a good design, but was not approved by team.
One of versions of team photo made on early stage of preparation to flight depicts this design attached to Sokol suits in form of paper photocopy, similar way as it was on Soyuz TMA-5 photo on Sokol suit of Yuri Shargin (also in form of paper copy), while in flight Yuri Shargin had different TMA-5 patch.
After docking with station new team entered ISS and Soyuz TMA-6 patches on suits of Krikalev-Phillips-Vittori could be noticed again.
 # spp097a            Soyuz TMA-6 crew patch 1
 # spp097a            Soyuz TMA-6 crew patch 2
 # spp097a            Soyuz TMA-6 crew patch 3
 # spp097a            Soyuz TMA-6 crew patch 4
 # spp097a            Soyuz TMA-6 crew patch 5

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