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# spp099 Soyuz TMA-5/ISS-10 patches

I`ve started design works of patches for Soyuz TMA-5 (ISS-10 flight) back in July 2004, when first scetches-drawings made in Starbuck coffe and later presented them for approval to Soyuz commander S.Sharipov. It was still not clear who is going to be third crew member of Soyuz and in this case I was preparing for Soyuz TMA-5 flight design in two variants (with name of Polonskiy and with name of Shargin-both candidates on third seat in Soyuz). After long work on emblem designs for Soyuz TMA-5/ISS-10 mission ready patches received from my production plant and taken on board of Soyuz to the International Space Station. ISS-10 patches were hand made from American design proposed to crew.I have produced few of these patches for board and also Chiao and Sharipov had these patches on their Sokol suits. Same, wire made Russian flag patches worn by Soyuz crew in day of launch. Also existing Zvezda design I`ve transformed it into MKC (for Russian cosmonauts and ISS (for American astronauts) and quality made MKC-ISS patches were also taken on board. New interesting designs of wing patches with initials of Soyuz commanders S.Sharipov and G.Padalka.And most interesting patches of this flight are Soyuz TMA-5 and Personal patches of cosmonauts Sharipov and Shargin. During design work with Soyuz TMA-5 patch my idea was to present Soyuz panels as symbolic flags of Russia and United States, and base of design is a window view outside. Crew names are in the same order as their actual seats inside Soyuz.Commander-S.Sharipov in center, L.Chiao on the left from commander and Y.Shargin on the right side. Personal patch of Space Forces Test Cosmonaut Yuri Shargin depicts Russian Space Forces emblem and wing.Interesting element of Sharipov`s personal patch is that over symbolic orbit along with Sharipov reads Tyan-Shan- name of Kirgiz mountains in Central Asia, area where S.Sharipov was born.And Tyan-Shan is also Call-Sign of Sharipov in this mission. All patches for space suits and to be carried on board as souvenirs are hand made with several specific elements what makes them different, unique and hard to reproduce.Those who like to make cheap replicas for Ebay level markets will still probably try to copy designs to make replicas, which will not be considered as originals. Availability of patches for collectors will be announced.
Provided private photographs depict Soyuz TMA-5 cosmonaut Yuri Shargin with typed Thanks page onboard and also team photograph at cosmodrome Baikonur prior launch with Sokol suits.This photograph was inscribed by Soyuz TMA-5 commander, my old good friend Salizhan Sharipov.
 # spp099            Soyuz TMA-5/ISS-10 patches 1
 # spp099            Soyuz TMA-5/ISS-10 patches 2
 # spp099            Soyuz TMA-5/ISS-10 patches 3
 # spp099            Soyuz TMA-5/ISS-10 patches 4
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