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# spp150 MIR-25 Pegase NASA-7 crew patch

3.5 embroidered original Russian crew patch of Soyuz TM-27 team (MIR-25/NASA-7/Pegase Russia-France-USA mission).From personal archives of MIR cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin (second image depicts him with this patch). Patch depicts space station MIR, Endeavor shuttle, flags of Russia-France-USA and reads in Russian A.Thomas, T.Musabayev, L.Eyharts, N.Budarin (NASA-7, MIR-25, Pegase). Details on this mission: NASA and Russian space agency hoped Soyuz TM-27 could dock with MIR while Endeavor was still there, resulting in an on-board crew 13, a record which would have stood for years or decades.But the French vetoed this, saying the commotion and time wasted would ruin Eyharts Pegase experimental program. Soyuz TM-27 docked at the Kvant module port at 17:54 GMT on January 31, 1988, less than five hours before Endeavor landed in Florida. Solovyov handed over command of MIR to MIR-25 commander Musabayev, and the MIR-24 crew and Eyharts undocked from the forward port of MIR at 05:52 GMT on February 19 aboard the Soyuz TM-26 for their return home. On February 20, MIR-25 crew and Andy Thomas of the NASA-7/MIR mission boarded Soyuz TM-27 and undocked from the Kvant port at 08:48 GMT. They redocked with the forward port of MIR at 09:32 GMT.This freed up the Kvant port for a test redocking of the Progress M-37 cargo ship, parked in a following orbit with MIR during the crew transfer. Soyuz TM-27 undocked from MIR at 02:05 GMT on August 25, with Musabayev, Budarin and Baturin aboard and landed on August 25 at 05:23 UTC near Arkalyk in Kazakhstan. Availability and price check by e-mail or call.
 # spp150            MIR-25 Pegase NASA-7 crew patch 1
 # spp150            MIR-25 Pegase NASA-7 crew patch 2

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