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# cwa103 Soyuz-6/7/8 `First space squadron` cosmonauts signed book.

This is a very special historic item.1969 published right after succesful joint flight of three ships Soyuz-6 (Kubasov-Shonin), Soyuz-7 (Filipchenko, Gorbatko, Volkov) and Soyuz-8 (Shatalov-Yeliseyev).Written by Chief of flights N.Kamanin and M.Rebrov.On cover page over printed name N.Kamanin he signed the book.On inside cover page all cosmonauts of this flight signed book together with M.Rebrov (second autor).And Rebrov inscribed this book to cosmonaut Vasiliy Lazarev and his wife Luisa: `To Luisa and Vasiliy in memory of space october with warmest wishes from teams of all `Soyuz` and autors`.Book published same months- october, when cosmonauts accomplished mission.On cover page image of Earth photographed from Lunar `Zond-5` ship and artwork of Alexei Leonov `Orbit station of the future`.There were no stations at that time yet and it was a fantasy of cosmonaut Leonov in 1969.From signed people cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov killed on board Soyuz-11 june 1971, cosmonaut Georgy Shonin died in mid 90-s.Kamanin and Rebrov are no longer alive.Same cosmonaut Lazarev and his wife Luisa died in 90-s.This item came from family of Lazarev (Sasha Lazarev-son of cosmonaut) and considered as serious collectible historic item.
 # cwa103            Soyuz-6/7/8 `First space squadron` cosmonauts signed book. 1
 # cwa103            Soyuz-6/7/8 `First space squadron` cosmonauts signed book. 2

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