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# cwa102 Konstantin Feoktistov book Trajectory of Life

2000 , hard cover, 380 pp book of famous Soviet space designer and cosmonaut Konstantin Feoktistov, signed by him on cover page.One of few copies presented in person during our meeting in september 2003. This is autobiographical book of a man, who was a first civilian cosmonaut, participant of first multimen flight Voskhod.Cosmonaut and designer, who flown his own creation. As illustrations used 67 unique photos from archives of Feoktistov.These photos include also unique pictures with American astronauts Armstrong, Borman, Bean, Conrad.Photos with Richard Nixon, Rocketery Chief designers Korolev and Glushko. On pages of this book Feoktistov talks about his joint work with Sergei Korolev, when they both worked on creating first manned ships Vostok and Voskhod; his space flight; Moon programs and future of Space exploration. Only 7000 copies of this book published and this is a very small number for multimillion population of only Russia. Autograph of autor-cosmonaut makes this book also a special collectible item. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
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