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# gb099 Launch in suspence documentary memoires of G.Grechko

1989 published by Pravda documentary memoires of Soviet pilot-cosmonaut and space designer Georgi Grechko in a small book with title LAUNCH IN SUSPENCE. On cover page next to his portrait Georgi Grechko signed book and hand notared `Salyut 4, 6 and 7`- three different Soviet orbital stations where famous cosmonaut and designer worked during his flights Soyuz-17, Soyuz-26 and Soyuz T-14.Book includes 4 x 6 inches color photo of Grechko in space suit.Photo also signed and notared as book. On pages of this book Georgi Grechko talks about space flights and work in OKB-1 famous design bureau of Sergei Korolev, where Grechko spent 12 years from 1955 and till 1967 when he came in Team of Soviet Cosmonauts.In first chapters Grechko talks about his scintofic work of designer of space ships and his personal experience working with Great Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.And main part of the book describes of course his flights: one month of scientific experiments aboard Salyut-4 space station in 1975, world`s record duration 96 days mission on Salyut-6 in 1978 when Grechko was already 46 years old, and world`s first `relief` mission Soyuz T-14 on board Salyut-7 station. Those collectors who do not read Russian will still appreciate this item as interesting collectible subject from personal archives of legendary cosmonaut and scientist, who flown ships and stations which also designed by him.
 # gb099            Launch in suspence documentary memoires of G.Grechko 1
 # gb099            Launch in suspence documentary memoires of G.Grechko 2

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