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# gb190 Salyut-6/Soyuz/Progress book

Salyut-6-Soyuz-Progress/ Work on orbit 1983 magnificent colorful book describing in details all 5 main long duration flight and 11 visiting expeditions to station Salyut-6, including `Intercosmos` program flights.Autors of this book are famous specialists and designers of space technics (Glushko,Gazenko, Gilberg, Moszhorin, Semyonov) and cosmonauts Kubasov, Shatalov and Yeliseyev tell about structure and equipment od station Salyut-6, flights in manned and umanned regimes, hundreds of experiments performed on board and general about benefit of Cosmonautics for economy.This coffee table style book extremely well illustrated as well.Beautiful!!!
 # gb190            Salyut-6/Soyuz/Progress book 1
 # gb190            Salyut-6/Soyuz/Progress book 2
 # gb190            Salyut-6/Soyuz/Progress book 3

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