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# gb229 Optical Observations from Voskhod-2 ship book

Small size book published in 1975 by `Hydrometeo` publishing house in Leningrad.Autors- professor A.Lazarev and cosmonaut Y.Khrunov.This booklet aims to be a guide to specialists in atmosphere optics, astronomy and geophysics. Books based on researches of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who not just performed first EVA during his Voskhod-2 flight in 1965, but carried out a broadbased scientific effort. Having returned from the space Leonov pictured a number of atmospheric optical phenomena observed on the night and twilight horizon of the Earth.Many pictures are not only of artistic, but scintific value.The analysis of pictured results of visual observations enabled one to observe the solar corona and radiation of the upper Earth`s atmosphere from the space with more precision.The assumption of marked fresnel reflection of the Sun from Earth`s atmosphere at glazing angles seems to be proposed for the first time.Furthermore the idea was used in explanation and prediction of a number of optical effects.Probably, the possibilities were first found as well for location and investigation of noctilucent clouds from the space at night side of the Earth.The peculiarities of observation of coloured twilight corona at different altitudes were shown. Booklet signed and notared by cosmonaut Grechko.
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