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# cb089 K.Tsiolkovskiy `The Lines from my Life` autographed book

Miniature 5.5 x 4.5 hard cover, 148 pp book of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky `The Lines of my Life` published by Government Museum of History of Cosmonautics in limited number of only 3000 copies, which distributed exclusively in Space Coproration Energia, TSPK and Russian Space Agency. Couple copies of this book shared with me by cosmonauts Poleschuk and Manarov (engineers of Energia).Musa Manarov signed and notared book on first page Soyuz TM-4, Soyuz TM-11, Complex MIR, Cosmonaut M.Manarov.And cosmonaut A.Poleschuk signed his copy on front page as well. You can request one of these two copies. Original book contains Autobiographical Notes of genious scientist and founder of Space Exploration Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovskiy.Book filled with several unique illustrations from Tsiolkovskiy family and Museum archives.Many of these photos published at first time and only in this book. Name of Space Exploration Father K.Tsiolkovskiy is well known to every enthusiast of this area.A self-educated Russian schoolteacher who, in 1903, published his now-classic article EXPLORATION OF SPACE WITH REACTIVE DEVICES, a theoretical study of rocket fuels and rocket-motor efficiency. Although he didn`t experiment with rocket engines, Tsiolkovskiy showed why rockets would be necessary for space travel and proposed liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as the most efficient propellants. He conducted the first studies that demonstrated that space travel was, at least, theoretically possible and advanced the concept of multistage rockets.By 1903 Tsiolkovskiy had also given careful thought to manned-spacecraft design and his description of such a ship demonstrates how completely fact and fantasy had by this time merged: `Let`s imagine the following configuration:a metal elongated chamber (having forms of least resistance), provided with its own light, oxygen, with absorbers of carbon dioxide, noxious effluvia and other animal excretions, intended not only for the maintenance of various physical devices, but also to provide life support to the men controlling the chamber...The chamber contains a large supply of materials which, when combined, immediately form an explosive mass.` Tsiolkovskiy proposed dividing his spaceship into three bays.The top bay in the rocket`s nose housed the crew.Here would be control panels, automatic instruments, decompression chambers, and comfortable couches.The second bay contained the oxygen supply and the `bathtubs` filled with water in which the crew members would immerse themselves to ease the powerfull G-forces experienced during the rocket`s launch and re-entry.The third bay housed the pumps necessary to move the propellants from the fuel tanks to the engine.The fuel tanks were below this third bay and would contain, Tsiolkovskiy suggested, a liquid hydrocarbon and liquid oxygen. To remain in orbit a spacecraft must achieve a speed of 18,000 mph, to escape gravity 25,000 mph.Even using hydrogen as a fuel, a rocket`s exhaust could not exceed about 8,000 mph. By 1898 Tsiolkovskiy had already asked the fundamental question upon whose answer all space flight depended:could one build a rocket that could fly faster than its own exhaust gases? Tsiolkovskiy published his results in 1903, the year the Wright Flyer stumbled into the air under its own power.Tsiolkovskiy`s equation showed that up to the speed of light (670 million mph) there is no lomit to the speed rockets can reach.The one major limiting factor was that at least 75 percent of a rocket`s weight had to be its fuel. K.E.Tsiolkovskiy died in 1935 an honored hero of the Soviet Union. One is impressed even today by Tsiolkovskiy`s vision of space exploration as an inevitable process that would transform and spread human life throughout the solar system. EARTH IS A CRADLE OF THE MIND Tsiolkovskiy wrote, BUT ONE CANNOT LIVE IN THE CRADLE FOREVER. Am sure this Autobiographical book of Tsiolkovskiy will get a great attention from serious enthusiasts of Space.
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