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# rl106 Books written by early Soviet cosmonauts

Pictured books include book of Alexei Leonov `Sun Wind` (dedicated ASTP and contains drawings of Leonov as well), book of Soyuz-3 cosmonaut Georgi Beregovoy `The sky starts on the Earth` (Ukrainian language), book of Vostok-3 cosmonaut Andrian Nikolayev `Cosmos- the road without end` (also Ukrainian language), book of cosmonaut Lazarev `Test-pilot of Spacecraft` (dedicated his friend Vladimir Komarov), book of cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov `Cosmos- place of work` and also book of Gagarin `Road to Cosmos` with additional chapters dedicated flights of Vostok and Voskhod cosmonauts. Please contact me with questions on these books and details will be provided.
 # rl106            Books written by early Soviet cosmonauts 1

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