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# eb140a Russians in Space autographed CD -rom

Front side cover signed and notared by STS-89(MIR-Shuttle eight docking) Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov.Second image depicts him with this CD rom in my house.Custom issued for 40 years anniversary of launch in the USSR first satellite Sputnik-1 (october 4, 1957) this exclusive CD-Rom covers entire history of Soviet- Russian space program from its beginnings to MIR. Never before seen video footage (approximately one hour of video on the disc) Nearly 400 still images Over 100 interactive modules Russians in Space provides a comprehensive look at the Russian space program from the 16th century to the present. The CD-ROM was actually designed by Russian space experts and many of the videos and images have never previously been widely available in the United States. The eye-opening technical, historical, and political content of this CD-ROM will satisfy even the most dedicated space historian, yet the disc also provides a solid introduction to the Soviet program, its rockets, pioneers and history. The excellent design of this multimedia CD-ROM provides impressive video clips, high fidelity sound, and a user interface that is a snap to learn and use. Well designed navigational tools along with an effective search engine provide quick access to the disc??™s voluminous content. Also included is a detailed timeline with at-a-glance definitions and images, a photo and video gallery. Russians in Space is one of the finest reference works available on the Russian space program. Packed with information, this CD-ROM will satisfy even the most serious space enthusiasts. Contents of the Russians in Space CD-ROM Personalia 1. XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries Alexander Zasyadko Karl Schilder Konstantin Konstantinov Nikolai Kibalchich Sergei Nezhdanovsky The Father of Russian Aviation 2. Giants of Cosmonutics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Friedrich Zander, a Space Research Romantic Yuri Kondratyuk Sergei Korolyov 3. Jet Propulsion Research Institute, the World`s First Nikolai Tikhomirov Vladimir Artemyev Boris Petropavlovsky Georgy Langemak Ivan Kleimenov Marshal Mikhail Tukhadachevsky 4. Unknown Names Georgy Shubnikov Konstantin Bushuev Boris Chertok Boris Rauschenbach Leonid Voskresensky 5. Chief Designers Mstislav Keldysh Mikhail Yangel Vladimir Chelomei Vassily Mishin 6. Those Who Made Rockets Fly The Chief Designer of Sputniks Vladimir Barmin The Chief Designer??™s Council Valentin Glushko Nikolai Pilyugin Those Who Made the History of Soviet Cosmonautics 7. They Taught Rockets to Fly Yuri Gagarin Hermann Titov Valentina Tereshkova Vladimir Komarov Technology 1. The Soviet Thrust into Outer Space The V-2 in the Russian Skies Soviet Strategic Missiles R-2:Sergei Korolyov`s First Rocket R-5:A Nuclear-Tipped Rocket Operation `Baikal` A Supermissle for a Superbomb 2. First Sputniks Sputnik-1 The Dog Laika in Orbit A Space Lab 3. The Lunar Program First Flights to the Moon Soft-Landing on the Moon Amidst Lunar Rocks The Routes of Soviet `Lunokhods`, the Moon-Rovers 4. Vostok - Voskhod - Soyuz Vostok-2 The Family of Vostoks Voskhod-1 Voskhod-2 The Cosmos Claims its First Victim The First Docking of Manned Craft The Orbital Complex Mir 5. The Soviet Space Vehicle of the Shuttle Type The Energia Supercarrier Rocket The Orbital Ship Buran A Universal Space Platform The Energia-M Programs 1.The History of Military Rocketry An Aerodynamic Laboratory in Leningrad A Jet Propulsion Research Team Rocketmen Behind Bars Sergi Korolyov`s Saga The `Katyusha` Rocket Launcher 2. The Head and Source Spoils of War A Rocket Center near Moscow A Missile Testing Range at Kapustin Yar The Baikonur Cosmodrome Missile Shields and Arrows The Plesetsk Cosmodrome 3. Artificial Earth Satellites Forward, on to Mars! Venus Enigmas Encountering a Comet, The Tailed One Sputniks of the Kosmos Series The Intercosmos Research Program 4. Research Programs Bion Satellites Okean Satellites Telecommunication Satellites Millions of Space Travelers Search-and-Rescue Satellites 5. Spy Satellites Spies or Peacemakers The Long Ears of Space Reconnaissance Military Radars Scouring the Earth Space Patrols 6. Piloted Programs The Vostok Program The Voskhod Program A Novel Version of the Soyuz The Manned Intercosmos The Apollo-Soyuz Project Unrealized Dreams Living in Orbit 7. Orbital Stations The Salyut Orbital Station The Woes and Anxieties of Salyuts The Mir Program 8. The Energia is Off The Energia-Buran Project Flights According to the Energia-Buran Program Buran Crews 9. Ground Control Ground Services Flight Control Centers The Space Research Institute The Future of Russian Cosmonautics Basics 1. The Solar System 2. Cosmic Velocities 3. The Plesetsk Cosmodrome 4. Landing on Venus 5. Booster Rockets 6. Spacesuits Minimum Requirements: IBM: 386, 4MB RAM, 640x480x256 resolution and a 2X CD-ROM Drive. Mac: 4MB RAM, 640x480x256 resolution and a 2X CD-ROM Drive. This CD-Rom is a must for very enthusiast of Cosmonautics.Highly recommended.
 # eb140a            Russians in Space autographed CD -rom 1
 # eb140a            Russians in Space autographed CD -rom 2

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