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# eb249 To The Stars

1982 published in Soviet Union (255 pp., hard cover w/dust jacket) limited edition coffee table style illustrated with several hundred photos with their respective descrioption in English and Russian languages both.One of best books on Soviet cosmonautics. Available copy from library of cosmonaut Lazarev (autographed by cosmonauts Lyakhov, Popov, Berezovoy, Zudov, Volkov) and also available unsigned copy.Only 20 000 copies of this book published.This is very small number for over 270 millions population of Soviet Union of that time and back in 1982 it was practicaly impossible to get this book, as most of copies were available only to people worked in space programs. Dust jacket of the book with some not detracting wear and tear, book in very fine condition. Availability and price check by e-mail or call.
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