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# astp151a ASTP cover signed by Soyuz-19 crew

Special issue cover for visit of American team Apollo in Star City september-october 1975 after accomplishing of first international flight ASTP autographed by Soviet Soyuz-19 both cosmonauts: commander Alexei Leonov and board engineer Valeriy Kubasov. Cover cancelled with special handstamp issued for this event 21 september, 1975. A special with this item is that there are two Apollo-Soyuz 12 kopecks stamps issued in Soviet Union same time when in the United States these stamps issued.Stamps depict two artworks of American artist McCall.They depict Soyuz and Apollo right prior docking and already docked in first experimental space station.The artist`s name is Robert Theodore McCall, born 1919 in Columbus, Ohio, & still alive. He is considered the most prominent living space artist in the US. Please check availability of this item prior ordering. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # astp151a            ASTP cover signed by Soyuz-19 crew 1

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