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# buca100 Voskhod cosmonaut Yaroslav Golovanov

Yaroslav Golovanov, a member of the Soviet Union`s first `Journalist Group` of cosmonauts died May 22, 2003, having never made a flight. Selected in 1965 to undergo training, Golovanov was to have flown on an early proposed Voshkod mission. Well respected as an historian, he was considered one of the leading Soviet journalists early in the space age.Graduated from E.N. Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School; Aviation engineer; joined newspaper `Komsomolskaya Pravda`; was selected in June 1965 as cosmonaut candidate; without official cosmonaut training; presently science commentator for `Komsomolskaya Pravda`.For almost 50 years period Golovanov published 12000 articles and reports in newspapers, published over 160 articles in magazines, 20 books published in 25 languages. Couple of original photos signed by Yaroslav Golovanov for me when we`ve met in 2001. Availability and price check by e-mail or call.
 # buca100            Voskhod cosmonaut Yaroslav Golovanov 1

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