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# cspc146 Soyuz-14 Popovich-Artyukhin team

8 x 6` photo depicts cosmonauts Yuri Artyukhin and Pavel Popovich during pre flight preparation.After mission this photo was signed by both cosmonauts and hand notared by Yuri Artyukhin `To Alexander Lazarev with wishes of great success in everything`. Photo received from a son of cosmonaut Lazarev Alexander. Cosmonauts Popovich and Artyukhin conducted the USSR`s first successful space station mission, spending almost 14 days aboard Salyut-3.They performed medical studies and military reconnaissance. Cosmonaut Yuri Artyukhin is no longer alive. Price check of this item by e-mail or call.
 # cspc146            Soyuz-14 Popovich-Artyukhin team 1

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