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# cspc183 Soyuz-35/Salyut-6 Popov-Ryumin

9 x 7 inches photo depicted cosmonauts Leonid Popov and Valeriy Ryumin next to Salyut-6 station.Autographed by both cosmonauts of this fourth expedition to Salyut-6.Ryumin was a last minute replacement.He and Popov spent over 185 days in space, resupplied by 4 Progress tankers and visited by 4 different teams of cosmonauts during their six months in space. Photo came from archives of flight commander Leonid Popov. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # cspc183            Soyuz-35/Salyut-6 Popov-Ryumin 1

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