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# cspc163 Soyuz-23 Zudov-Rozhdestvenskiy inside ship

7 x 9.5 inches colour photo from archives of commander Vyacheslav Zudov.Autographed by him and board enginer Gennadiy Rozhdestvenskiy in 1976. Photo depicts cosmonauts inside Soyuz ship during pre flight training. They were to have spent at least two months aboard Salyut-5 station, but Soyuz guidance problems cancelled their docking with space station and cosmonauts made the Soviet Union`s first `spolashdown` on their return in august 1976. This photo is from private archives of cosmonaut Zudov and not published anywhere of course. *Availability and price check by e-mail or call.*
 # cspc163            Soyuz-23 Zudov-Rozhdestvenskiy inside ship 1

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