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# soy120 Soyuz-15 commander Lev Demin

Cosmonaut Lev Demin (Dyomin) autographed photos.Availability and price check by e-mail or call.Personal data on Lev Demin is below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lev Stepanovich Demin Status: Deceased. Trained as: Cosmonaut. Profession: Engineer. Sex: Male. Marital Status: Married. Children: Two. Birth Date: 11 January 1926. Birth City: Moscow. Birth State: Moscow. Birth Country: Russia. Nationality: Russian. Date of Death: 18 December 1998. Cause of Death: Natural causes. Affiliation: Soviet Air Force. Group: 1963 Air Force Group. Detachment: TsPK-2. Date Selected: 10 January 1963. Date Departed: 26 January 1982. Number of Flights: 1. Total Time: 2.01 days. Comments: Alternate form of last name Dyomin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flight Log Voskhod 3 - 02 April 1965 Assignment: Proposed Backup Crew. Planned duration 19 days. Biological endurance mission cancelled after near-disaster with Voskhod 2. Initial Orbit was to have been 175 km X 500 km at 65 deg. Follow-on missions with journalist, physician, and all-female crews also cancelled. Original Prime Crew was Katys, Volynov; Backup Crew: Beregovoi, Demin; Support Crew: Artyukhin, Shatalov. These assignments were reshuffled to those shown when Katys had to be dropped from the prime crew. Voskhod 4 - 06 January 1966 Assignment: Proposed Backup Crew. Summary: Planned second long-duration Voskhod flight. Cancelled in spring 1966 after near-disaster with Voskhod 2 and death of Korolev. Voskhod 5 - 06 January 1966 Assignment: Proposed Prime Crew. Summary: Planned all-female ten day long-duration flight. Solovyova would have conducted the first female space walk. Cancelled in spring 1966, after death of Korolev, in order to concentrate on Soyuz and Lunar landing programs. Soyuz (Almaz) 13 - 30 June 1972 Assignment: Proposed Prime Crew. Summary: Planned second crew to the first Almaz space station. Cancelled after the loss of control of Almaz OPS 1 (Salyut 2) in orbit. Soyuz 14 - 03 July 1974 Assignment: Backup Crew. Flight details: Soyuz 14. Summary: Docked with Salyut 3. Successful Almaz military reconnaisance mission. Recovered July 19, 1974 12:21 GMT. Landed within 2 km of aim point 140 km SE Dzkezkazgan. Soyuz 15 - 26 August 1974 Assignment: Prime Crew. Flight Time: 2.01 days. Flight details: Soyuz 15. Summary: Recovered August 28, 1974 20:10 GMT. Failed to dock with Salyut 3 due to failure of automatic docking system. Officially: Conduct of joint experiments with the Salyut-3 orbital scientific station.
 # soy120            Soyuz-15 commander Lev Demin 1
 # soy120            Soyuz-15 commander Lev Demin 2

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