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# soy501 Soyuz TM-6/TM-18-MIR cosmonaut V.Polyakov

7 x 5 inches card autographed and hand notared in Russian `Cosmonaut-67, Valeriy Polyakov.Absolute world record of duration of presence on orbit-438 days.Total flown-679 days`. Doctor-researcher Valeriy Polyakov spent 438 days in longest ever MIR-15 expedition (Soyuz TM-18 flight in 1994-1995) in his 51 years age.It was a new world record duration flight and no other cosmonaut or astronaut spent that much time on orbit. With his first mission Soyuz TM-6 (241 days on MIR) Valeriy Polyakov total spent on orbit in both flights 679 days!Name of this famous cosmonaut was placed in Guiness World`s record book and on the field of Space Exploration he known as `King of Space`.This photo was shared with me during our last meeting with Valeriy.
 # soy501            Soyuz TM-6/TM-18-MIR cosmonaut V.Polyakov 1

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