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# s105 Onboard station shears

This is training and unflown shears as used by cosmonauts during works on board station and during EVA to cut thin metal sheets or any other materials that would require a strong scissors to cut. This is excellent designed tool, because the 2 legs can be easily removed & turned 90 degrees to allow the shears to reach into tight spaces, or cut up against a flat surface.The legs are quite long (10.5`), wich would give the cosmonaut a good mechanical advantage for cutting, and also allow the use by a gloved hand. Since all three parts have a lanyard-ring, each part could be attached to a cord to prevent drifting away in microgravity. The shears - part of a family of tools wich share the same 2 legs, but have different heads can be attached to the legs, for different purposes to use (see more in section `hardware`). These tools are individualy one of a kind pieces made for use on board.
 # s105            Onboard station shears 1
 # s105            Onboard station shears 2
 # s105            Onboard station shears 3
 # s105            Onboard station shears 4

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