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# s104 Salyut station crimper-pliers

15 inches crimper-pliers.Used by several Salyut-6 and Salyut-7 expeditions cosmonauts compound pliers sized to crimp some specific type of item aboard station, such as a sheath over a wire cable bungle. This crimper-pliers head can be attached to the legs. Long legs give to cosmonaut a good mechanical advantage during work, allow use by a gloved hand.And, finaly, can be used with any other tool- heads, what makes them universal. Original tool wasn`t on orbit, but was prepared to be delivered to Salyut station in case of necessary replacement of same tools on board. Original subject is a very complicate engineering design and was individually made by Energia corporation EVA department for use inside station and during space walks. This is one of very few original tools survived from Salyut flights period. Availability and price check by e-mail.
 # s104            Salyut station crimper-pliers 1
 # s104            Salyut station crimper-pliers 2
 # s104            Salyut station crimper-pliers 3
 # s104            Salyut station crimper-pliers 4

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