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# fpit099C STS-105/ISS/STS-108 flown $1

One of only three $1 banknotes carried on board STS-105 Discovery to the ISS and returned on STS-108 Endeavor with ISS-3 expedition pilot, cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov.Banknote flown 128.86 days on board. On front side Dezhurov cancelled bill with ISS Russian handstamp and also signed and hand notared in English `Board ISS-3, STS-105, STS-108`. This unique subject was shared with me by Vladimir Dezhurov during our meeting in his Star City home in August 2003. Banknote can be noticed on the table next to other materials he had in this joint USA-Russia ISS-Shuttle flight.
 # fpit099C            STS-105/ISS/STS-108 flown $1 1
 # fpit099C            STS-105/ISS/STS-108 flown $1 2

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