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# fpit202 Soyuz-33 flown photo

7 x 6` b/w photo depicted cosmonauts Nikolai Rukavishnikov (Soviet commander) and Bulgarian Intercosmos cosmonaut Georgi Ivanov during training- preparation to Soyuz-33/Salyut-6 joint flight. Signed by Bulgarian cosmonaut 12 april 1979 on board Soyuz-33 on return to Earth.Soyuz-33 suffered major engine failure during final approach to Salyut-6 station on april 12 1979 and cosmonauts Ivanov and Rukavishnikov were forced to use a back up engine to return to Earth. Original photo was given to cosmonaut Lazarev from Georgi Ivanov and came as a part of big collection from Lazarev family archives.
 # fpit202            Soyuz-33 flown photo 1

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